Number Lines

Another puzzle blockbuster game: Number lines is tons of fun!

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What is Number Lines about?

Number Lines is, next to Bubble Shooter, one of the big cult games on the internet. You aim with a cannon, which shoots single balls and therefore you always have to get a point value of exactly 10. As soon as such bubbles collide they dissolve. You lose when the balls roll into the hole at the end of the course. You sit in the middle of the course and from level to level it becomes more and more difficult to get rid of all the balls. Who gets the highest score in Number Lines and becomes the eternal winner of all bubble games?

Instruction Number Lines

For Number Lines you have to resolve approaching balls by always reaching the number 10. From the middle you shoot balls with numbers on the snake and if the numbers fit the bubbles burst. If you can't find a matching number in the snake, you should make lines of the same number, like 777 or 444. As soon as you dock the missing number, the whole line will dissolve and you will get a good step forward.

If one should succeed and remove a digit completely from the hit, it and its counterpart will not come out of their own cannon. If you manage to dissolve the whole snake, you have passed the mission and after a short fade-in you get to the next level. If the bullets fall into the hole at the end of the track you lose the game.

Problems with Number Lines

Why don't I see a game? - Probably you have installed or activated an ad blocker in your browser. Since the game contains small amounts of advertising to finance it, the ad blocker cannot distinguish the game and prefers to block everything. You should have no problems if you turn off your ad blocker for the duration of your visit to and turn it on again after your game.