Puzzle Bobble

With Puzzle Bobble we present you another game classic - have fun!

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Instructions and controls of Puzzle Bobble.

Puzzle Bobble is generally considered as the predecessor and original template for Bubble Shooter. The players controls two little dragons from the original Bubble Bobble, which was already a classic game on the Amiga and on the C64. The final breakthrough, however, came with the game on video machines in pubs. Here everyone could try Puzzle Bobble and so the game principle became known to a huge audience.

Puzzle Bobble is controlled with the keyboard and, unlike Bubble Shooter, not with the mouse. The arrow keys are used to control the aiming device and with the spacebar you shoot the colored balls. Every few seconds the upper edge of the playing field comes closer to you and makes the game more difficult. As in Bubble Shooter, the goal is to remove all the colored balls by chains of 3 or more bubbles. Once you have done this, you will be faced with a new challenge in a new level. Puzzle Bobble renders more or less complex structures, which can be cleared by a skillful shot.

Puzzle Bobble: Recap

The keyboard-controls of Puzzle Bubble are a bit inconvenient and that's probably a reason why Bubble Shooter has become more popular over the time. But the nostalgic value is unbroken and older players will surely still appreciate the little dragons. The poppable structures make the player sweat over and over again and only with a very fast comprehension and one can find the shortcut. Even after all these years it's a great game, even if it has a more than just good successor.

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